Holly Beth Osborn (b. 1992 in Kent) Graduated from The University of the West of England with a 2:1 BA(hons) in Photography, June 2014.

Holly is a conceptual photographer who works with loose narratives to emphasise the air of ambiguity photography presents to its viewer.

Holly has taken part in various group exhibitions within the south of England. Most currently her prevailing project ‘Behind Wonderland’ was exhibited within ‘Fluxure’, a group exhibition put on by the UWE photography graduates of 2014. ‘Fluxure’ was held 17th – 23rd June at the Bargehouse, London.

During the last two years of her degree Holly has taken on work experience within Cluster Publishing, and has worked closely with founder Victoria Forrest. She has since moved back to Kent and is working towards a PGCE so she can teach photography as well as continuing with her own photographic discourse and experiences within the photographic industry.